Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Well, I am officially a week into my expander. I hate it with a passion. It causes me no physical pain, however, my speech is pretty impaired. I feel so stupid when talking to people. This does not help my self esteem at ALL! Not to mention this lovely cold sore that is on the middle of my top lip. It could not be in any worse or obvious of a place. I feel so gross =[

My ortho appointment went well today. I was just there to have my expander checked and he wanted to make sure that I was not having any difficulty. There has been a little bit of movement, not much he said, but some. He removed the ligs from my upper braces because they were starting to stain and there was a little black speck that had gotten up under one of them. They aren't really doing anything right now anyway. He just put them there initially for comfort. The brackets feel fine without them and yay for no more staining at least for a while.

My bottom teeth are starting to move a bit. He seemed happy with the way things were going with that. I go to the oral surgeon on Feb 18th for a consultation to have 2 wisdom teeth + another extracted.

I can't wait until my expander and extractions are all behind me. Ahh, the evil E's!

Hope my next post is more postive!