Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Well.... I am coming up on my 22nd month braciversary next week...

No talk about a de-banding date any time soon but I am hopeful that I am only about 6 more months away at most.

At my adjustment today, I got a 3/16" Medium cross elastic to begin wearing to try to lift up my tilted bottom right molar. It has been an interesting experience so far. I just hope it works! My bite is way off of that side...

I'll take pictures and post them tonight. I am sure I'll be able to feel any differences but I always like looking back at all the progression.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Haven't posted in a while...

Well I figured I would write a blog post since it has been quite a while. Not a whole lot has changed over the past few months. I did get a new bottom wire. .018 I believe with these little hooky things. Yeah, really technical I know. =] I am not entirely sure of their purpose yet. Any ideas?? Picture below.

Anyway, I am at 1yr 1 month 2 days in braces.
Next appointment is March 2nd

Still keeping my fingers crossed for no extractions. I wish he could just make up his mind already!