Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Expander is in

My upper palate expander was installed today. I am trying to get used to eating and swallowing with this thing in. It is soo weird feeling! Just like a big chunk of plastic in my mouth. I hope that this phase of treatment goes fast because I can see this getting very old, very quickly. My speech is impaired. Hopefully that subsides but who knows.

This post might turn into a bit of a b*tch fest but I can't help it. haha

I think with the combination of stress and all of the poking, prodding and stretching of my lips, they are rebelling against me in the form of cold sores and extra, super dryness. =( BLAh!

This better not last long! UGh!

Here is a picture of the devil, I mean my expander. The offending parts you cant even see, all the damn acrylic!

Monday, January 26, 2009


Tomorrow is the day I get my upper Haas Palate Expander. I am not really looking forward to this phase of treatment. I guess I just hope that it does enough without surgery! I think I'd hate that even more.

So far my braces aren't really giving me terrible trouble. I am getting more used to them being there and eating is slowly getting better. I actually had a sandwich and pizza over the weekend! My spacers that I still have in on the top are what are the most sore. =( My bottom molars are pretty much adjusted to the molar bands and aren't achy when I eat. My bottom front 4 teeth are tingly and feel a bit loose. I imagine this is just the beginning of some changes occuring!

I will update again a few days after I've gotten my expander.

Hope it goes smoothly!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Newly Braced

Well today I was officially braced! This has got to be the weirdest feeling ever!!
A brief run down of what happened today:

Spacers removed
Molar bands fitted
Impression made with molar bands on for my upper Haas expander I will be getting on 1/27
Metal Brackets and arch wire placed on lower teeth with the exception of one that has to be extracted =( - silver ligs to blend in with metal
4 ceramic placed on upper teeth - clear ligs
Spacers put back in until I get my expander =( boo

An hour and a half later I was out the door with a list of foods to avoid, a toothbrush, some wax and an appointment for my expander to be installed.

Overall, it was a pretty painless appointment, just a bit uncomfortable at times.

Here is a picture of my current status


Friday, January 9, 2009


2 days into my spacers and I am ready to rip all of them out! LOL

8 on the uppers, 2 on the lowers

There isn't an incredible amount of pain, just more of an annoyance. I constantly want to push on my teeth with my tounge.

Oh and yesterday afternoon (1 day after they were put in) I had to have one that had falled out replaced. Ortho said that if I lose any over the weekend to have them put back in Monday but if any came out after Monday to not worry about them. I am secretly (or not-so-secretly) hoping they all come out on their own on Tuesday/ =P hehe

I want so badly to be able to eat something solid!!!

5 days until I get fitted for my upper expander and my lowers braced!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


EEEkkk! I am 3 hours away from getting spacers put on. I am SUPER nervous. I hope that it is not nearly as bad as what I have heard. =[