Friday, December 12, 2008

Step 1

So, after living 24, almost 25 years now, with the overbite and crooked teeth that I have, I am finally in a financial situation that allows me to consider braces.

Through this blog, I will be documenting the process of my braces.

1st step:
Orthodontic consultation, records appointment and treatment option presentation appointment.

I am diagnosed with a narrow upper jaw and class II malocclusion. Surgery would provide the most optimal results whereas non-surgical braces would provide a compromised, aesthetic result.

Being the big wimp I am, I have decided to proceed with the non-surgical option. I am not all that concerned about my bite, enough at this point to undergo 1-2 surgeries. If I can get a straighter smile out of this, I will be more than pleased!

I am scheduled to go back on January 7th for spacers and January 15th for the braces. It looks like I may have to have one of my lower teeth extracted at some point in early treatment.

I'll be posting pictures of my progress along the way. I hope this is all worth it!!!!!!!!!!

1st Picture: Before anything has been done.

Upcoming Appointments:

January 7: Spacers
January 15: Braces